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Main Heads

  • Rodrigo S. Tomasso

    Vfx Creative Director

    - a.k.a. VFX Production Designer -

    He´s been involved in the CG Visual Effects field since 2001 covering both, digital and film post-production. He was part of the first digital artist generation in Argentina using high definition digital cinema equipment. He worked in several post-production and visual effects disciplines including 3d animation & on-set supervision. This experience made him reach positions like Post-production Director and Motion Graphics Art Director due to his aesthetic background and technical know how. Furthermore, as Visual Effects Artist, he gained membership access to the prestigious "Visual Effect Society" (a.k.a. VES).

    His studies include an "Information Science" technical degree at the National University of Entre Ríos in Argentina achieving specializations diploma in both, "audiovisual production" and "graphic design".
    Also, he was instructed by Hollywood professionals among others from Sheridan College and Vancouver Film School. Besides, he's got a mastering degree in Visual Effects & 3D Animation internationally certified in Seattle (Washington, USA) by Mesmer 3D Animation Labs & Discreet (formerly Autodesk).

    In 2006 he was invited into a partnership with Juan José Campanella working as Vfx Designer / Supervisor at 100 Bares Producciones until we were part of the 2010 ACADEMY AWARDED FILM "The Secret in their Eyes" achieving an OSCAR as Best Foreign Language Film.

    At the end of 2009, he decided to co-found ONER Vfx, a visual effect boutique from Buenos Aires working on feature films and television projects for all over the world.

  • Marcelo G. García

    Vfx Executive Producer

    With a background in administration and accounting, he began in the telecommunications field doing marketing and sales drive specialist reaching preferential major customer accounts. The 2001 Argentinian economic situation made him decide to change his course. Having a previous interest in films, he chose the audiovisual post-production field.

    He began doing non-linear editing and vfx compositing. In 2006, after the foundation of the visual effects department at Juan José Campanella's production house, 100 Bares, he joined the main staff as a Vfx Producer.
    His interest in production led him to fill-in parallel roles quickly, coming to handle much of the technical and human resources of the company. Within a year of continued growth he became manager of the Vfx Department directed by Rodrigo Tomasso -his current business partner-.

    His active role and his ability to optimize resources quickly as Vfx Producer was demonstrated in the 2010 ACADEMY AWARDED FILM "The Secret in their Eyes" among other big award-winning projects he was involved. Through this film, he became the first Vfx Producer in Argentina to be part of an Academy Award-winning production. Also he was one of the few Vfx Producer in Argentina who became member of the Visual Effect Society (VES).