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We’ve created all the Merdeka Stadium fully MASSIVE crowded scenes among other improvements in some vfx shots. We were doing “On-Set Vfx Supervision” to ensure the right footage and plates acquisition. The Merdeka Stadium in the present days doesn’t have the second layer stands and roof, so we have to re-create a 70′s Merdeka version all done with CG who was applied to several shots, including aerial shots. Services provided were: crowds, paint/prep & rotoscoping, matte painting, 3d modeling, texturing, lighting and animation and of course matchmoving that couldn’t be possible without our Lead Compositor/Matchmover: Nicolás Landajo.
Thanks to the director and producers, we are really proud to have finished more than 260 vfx shots for this Malaysian film “on time”. We are really thankful to our vfx team who put their best effort and passion to achieve this film in a tight schedule.



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  • 3D
  • cg
  • crowds generation
  • crowds replication
  • on-set vfx supervision
  • vfx compositing
  • vfx design & production