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PRESS: The Secret in their Eyes


Cg Society

The 2010 Academy Award Foreign Language Winning Film´s Argentinean Vfx Production Crew talks exclusively to CGSOCIETY”. PRODUCTION FOCUS: Interview with Vfx Supervisor Rodrigo Tomasso & Vfx Producer Marcelo García about the vfx making of the film. Paul Hellard – 03/19/2010



New York Times

Besides the cast, another contributing factor to the Oscar victory of “The Secret in Their Eyes” may be a scene that Mr. Campanella said he has repeatedly been asked about by fellow filmmakers. From a vantage point that seems to be two miles above a soccer stadium crowded with tens of thousands of fans, the camera swoops down to the level of the field, over the match in progress and into the stands, where Esposito and Sandoval are searching for the murderer.
The scene appears to be seamless, with a single relentless camera moving without cutaways for a suspenseful five minutes. In reality the scene uses only 100 extras and consists of seven different shots that took three days of filming and nine months of post-production to put together”. Larry Rohter – 04/14/2010



Visually, the film is straightforward, with repeated tight close-ups of faces, per the title, providing the only stylistic idiosyncrasies (these shots also reveal the fine makeup work in aging the characters). But room is found for one memorable tour-the-force sequence set in a packed soccer stadium, the camera swinging and swooping as it goes in search of a single figure among the thousands”. Jonathan Holland at Toronto Film Festival – 10/04/2009


The Washington Post

A stunning unbroken take shot in the midst of a soccer match is worth the price of admission, ample reward for filmgoers whose only desire once the lights go down is to be astonished”.  04/16/2010



Campanella is a remarkably steady and assured director, one who shifts easily between the tones and demands of the different parts of his tale.  He is a consummate actors director – drawing fantastic performances out of all involved – who is also very capable of balancing humor with tragedy while also capable of pulling out some stunning technical work when the occasion demands - an extended chase and takedown sequence in the midst of a crowded soccer stadium, in particular showcasing some hugely impressive camera work, that scene deserving to stand as one of the best single shot scenes ever made, right alongside the famous sequences in City of Men and Hard Boiled”. Todd Brown at Toronto Film Festival – 09/11/2009



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