Visual Effects Boutique for Film & Television ____________________ ____________________


As Vfx Heads of production teams... we provide Visual Effects Production Design, Supervision & Post-production for Films, Television and Commercials

We become an integral part of your project’s creative team since we get involved at early pre-production stage and we keep working on-set to ensure data acquisition so then we are able to do our magic along post-production.

We make visually possible any client idea merging the art and the science behind visual effects. As heads of production teams, we have a strong emphasis on vfx planning and we are able to help producers and directors solving production problems, saving time and money, and also improving shots or developing new ones to finally make the storytelling possible. We manage their narrative and aesthetic vision in a cost effective manner. Those are the cornerstones of our success!.

We are on every stage... from pre-production until final post-production


Script Analisis & Vfx Breakdown
Vfx Shot / Sequence Design
Vfx Production Planning

On-Set Vfx Supervision
Second Unit Direction


Special Services:
MASSIVE Crowds *cg & live action
Matte Painting & Set Extensions
Clean-Up & Image Enhancement